Unit Sizes

Storage Units for Batavia, NY & Alden, NY

With a number of different storage unit sizes available, we’re sure to have the right space to handle your self storage needs. We currently offer the following rental sizes:

  • 10’x20′
  • 10’x10′
  • 6’x10′
  • 5’x10′
  • 4’x10′

We have vaulted ceilings in all of our storage units, what does that mean to the renter?  More area for your dollar!  More cubic feet is a better value!  Our competitors can not get the same cubic feet as we can.


A 10′ x 20′ unit ceiling starts at a height of 8′ and can be as high at the far end as 14′ (2,200 cubic feet).  Most competitors ceiling height starts at 7’8″ in the front and at the back of their unit, the ceiling height are 8’6″ (1,600 cubic feet).

If you’re interested in using our rental units for self storage, call us at West Batavia Rentals (585) 343-9055 or Broadway Rentals (585) 937-7707.