Self Storage Tips for Batavia, Alden & Clarence, NY

Often when someone rents a storage unit, it’s because they’ve reached the last straw and can’t wait another moment to get all the “junk” out of their house and free up some space. It can be tempting to simply unlock your new unit, lower your truck bed, and start throwing stuff inside. However, if you take the time to plan ahead and prioritize organization, you’ll be thanking yourself down the road. Follow these tips to maximize the efficiency of your self storage packing.

How to Properly Pack a Storage Unit

There are two main steps to proper self storage packing: 1) packing up (boxing, wrapping, etc.) everything that will go inside the unit and 2) packing the unit itself. For step 1, you definitely want to consolidate as many things as possible into boxes rather than having them all out in the open and loose inside the unit. It’s worth taking the time to do some sorting and group similar items together so that you can easily label the boxes. Using labels will save you a lot of headaches in the future any time you need to go back through the unit to find something. If you have a lot of breakable items, it may help to mark certain boxes “fragile” as well. You’ll want to wrap these items in protective padding. In case you don’t have bubble wrap or stretch wrap, blankets work just as well. To finish your prep work for step 1, simply disassemble furniture and other items that can be stored more compactly.

For step 2, it helps to go in with a plan. Once you know the dimensions of your unit, drawing up a map of where you want to put things can make all the difference. Keep these basic rules in mind:

  • Leave room for walkways, especially down the center of the unit
  • Place heavier items low then build up from that stable base
  • Make use of the space inside your items, such as putting some boxes in a refrigerator
  • Leave any refrigerator/freezer doors open to prevent mold growth
  • Be creative about how to fill in leftover gaps

Now that you’re a storage expert, start packing! And remember that the staff at West Batavia Rentals Inc is here to assist you through the process as well. We happily offer guidance, and, in some cases, packing materials, lifting equipment, and more! Make us your first choice for self storage in the Batavia, Alden and Clarence, NY area.